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How To Avoid Air Compressor Downtime In Hot Weather In Summer


 Summer is coming, the temperature will be getting higher and higher. The use of air compressors in the factory will be with 

the temperature rise caused by the ambient temperature of the unit will cause high temperature shutdown, air compressor 

overload and other failures, then how to avoid such failures occur? The following is the air compressor in the summer 

temperature is too high maintenance methods.

Air compressor around the environment affect the air compressor heat, such as air compressor from the wall or obstacles too 

close to the air compressor near the other heat source, air compressor running front door or side door open, resulting in the 

fan can not form a strong Airflow, which will lead to poor air compressor air cooling conditions.

On the air compressor room, the following points can refer to the following:

1.Select the relative humidity is small, less dust, clean air and well ventilated place. If the ambient temperature is too high 

(greater than 45 ℃), it is recommended to take the cooling measures (such as avoiding direct sunlight, open doors and windows, etc.)

 to avoid unnecessary high temperature shutdown; such as lower ambient temperature (less than 0 ℃), to control the pour 

point temperature is above the ambient temperature. Not only to consider the summer low temperature, but also consider 

the winter low temperature, from the long-term point of view.

2.If the factory environment is poor, dust and more, should be installed a ventilation duct, the air inlet to the air is relatively clean place.

The installation of the catheter must be easy to disassemble, for maintenance, installation dimensions refer to the external dimensions of the air compressor.


3.Air compressor around to retain enough space in and out of the air compressor and the wall between at least 1500mm distance, air compressor

from the top of the space distance of 1500mm or more.


4.The height of the air compressor room maintained at 5.5-5.6 meters high is appropriate, at this height is conducive to natural ventilation, to create a better air.


5.The air compressor inlet can be properly reduced, because the bottom of the air temperature is significantly lower than the high air temperature.