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What Causes Air Compressor To Have Water?


Air compressor running for a long time, there will be built within the water, but the air compressor in the normal work, there is no water. 

Today and we talk about what causes air compressor can have water? As well as the corresponding solution.

Water causes:

1.Because the air is always water, the so-called humidity, compression will become supersaturated after the state, the water in the air, 

become a liquid. The moisture content in the compressed air is related to the humidity of the air. If the environment in the engine room is too humid, 

the water content in the air will exceed the standard.

2.The air compressor itself comes with automatic drainage of the drain or the automatic drain of the tank is blocked.

3.Did not install the appropriate dryer or no normal work after installation (drying equipment failure, no timely detection and treatment), 

the final air compressor compressed gas is not timely treatment, resulting in the exclusion still contains a lot of water, Can not meet the normal use requirements.

4.The rear measures are not sufficient, in the compressor gas quality requirements of the production process is very strict, there will generally be precision 

filters and other facilities, the second action on the gas, further purification, until the production requirements.


Drainage program:

According to the specific use of air compressor environment and the use of conditions to adjust the regular discharge of condensate or the installation of automatic drainage.

Automatic Drainage Introduction:

Automatic drain is used to automatically remove condensate from piping low, oil-water separator, gas tank and bottom of various filters. 

Can be installed in the inconvenient place for artificial sewage, such as high, low, narrow place. And to prevent the artificial drainage is 

forgotten and cause the compressed air to be re-polluted by condensate.

Automatic drainage works:

Automatic drainage inside there is an air bottle, no water state, under the action of air pressure, the air bottle to block the outlet. 

After the water is accumulated in the drain, after a certain water level is reached, the buoyancy is greater than the air pressure, 

the air bottle is floated, the drain is opened, the water is discharged under the action of air pressure, and the buoyancy is reduced 

and the air bottle is lowered to block the drain.