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The gas steam boiler is automatically burned in accordance with the controller instructions


1.Gas steam boiler burner supplied by the world's leading manufacturers, in accordance with the controller instructions automatically burn, 

stop, independent programmer has a number of security protection, performance, security and stability, low maintenance rate.

2.Advanced steam boiler automatic controller, the whole Chinese LCD screen, man-machine interface, the user simply set, the boiler that can 

be based on user requirements start and stop, load regulation, automatic water supply and other automatic operation. Boiler function is complete, 

complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, with self-diagnostic function. Boiler operation in the event of an abnormal phenomenon 

on the automatic interruption of combustion, sound and light alarm.

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3.Vertical steam boiler with burner lower way, two return structure, fuel combustion full, stable operation of the boiler; smoke tube inserted spoiler, 

slow down the exhaust speed, increase heat transfer, boiler thermal efficiency, reduce the use of the user cost.

4.Horizontal steam boiler for the shell-type wet all the way back three downstream fireworks tube structure, the use of economy. Wave furnace bile 

and threaded pipe structure, improve the heat absorption of the boiler to meet the heat transfer surface heat expansion needs.

5.The boiler in strict accordance with the "steam boiler safety supervision procedures", JB / T 10094-2002 "industrial boiler general technical conditions", 

JB / T 1619-2002 "boiler shell boiler manufacturing technology requirements" requirements, design, manufacture , Monitoring, to ensure that the boiler quality, 

low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, pressure stability, gas supply, economic use.

6.The boiler furnace gallbladder space, storage of steam and more to adapt to the load capacity. Reasonable built-in soda separator device to meet the needs of 

users with higher quality steam. Furnace body hole, head hole, hand hole, easy to clean the interior of the furnace, so that maintenance, conservation is very convenient.

7.Boiler safety with multi-level interlock protection: pressure switch protection (higher than the set pressure automatically shut down and alarm), low water 

level protection (boiler body water level below the warning level, automatically cut off the power and alarm), safety valve protection (Boiler pressure over the working 

pressure, automatic discouragement), to ensure that the boiler in a variety of conditions foolproof, safe home.

8.The combination of mechanical and electrical integration of the appearance of sophisticated, compact, less space, easy to transport, installation.

9.The use of new insulation materials and high-quality white color plate packaging, light weight, good insulation properties, nice, easy to rust.

10.Automatic / gas steam boiler widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, clothing supermarkets, garment factories, dry cleaners, hotels, hotels, 

steam shop, hotels, cafeteria, restaurants, food plants, Soybean products factory, meat factory, canning factory, wine factory, packaging plant, building materials factory, 

paint factory, beauty salon, bath center, sauna, steam room, baby swimming pool and other enterprises and institutions.