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Gas-fired Steam Boilers Are Steam Boilers That Are Heated By Combustion Of Gas

   Gas-fired steam boilers are steam boilers that are heated by combustion of gas. Vertical steam boiler with burner under the way,

the two return structure, fuel combustion, boiler operation is stable and take up less space, while the smoke tube plugging spoiler,

slow down the exhaust speed, increase heat transfer, boiler thermal efficiency, Reduce the user to use the cost; horizontal steam boiler 

for the shell-type wet back three downstream fireworks tube structure, the flame in the large combustion chamber micro-positive 

pressure combustion, complete stretch, low heat load, high thermal efficiency, effectively reduced Exhaust gas temperature, energy saving, 

the use of more economical, the use of wave furnace bile and threaded pipe structure, that is, to improve the heat absorption of the boiler strength, 

but also to meet the heat transfer surface heat expansion needs, scientific and reasonable, durable.

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Gas steam boiler principle: Gas steam boiler is the use of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other gas fuel for fuel, combustion 

in the furnace to release the heat, heat the pot of water, and vaporization into steam heat conversion equipment. The water in the pot (drum) is 

constantly being released by the combustion of the gas fuel in the furnace. The heating temperature rises and produces the pressurized steam. 

As the boiling point of water increases with the pressure, the pot is sealed, the expansion of water vapor in the inside is limited and the pressure 

to generate thermal power, strictly speaking, the boiler water vapor is water in the drum pressure to saturation Water is vaporized to form, 

as widely used as an energy source.