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About Plasticscope

As the constant development of industrialization, factories in all walks of life around the world began to be established in huge numbers.However, due to the uneven development in economy and technology among various regions of world, the producers demand various equipment on different modernization levels. Therefore, “factory equipment” becomes a commodity of strong negotiability and marketability.

Under the circumanstances, PLASTIC SCOPE emerges at a historic moment. As a Pre-owned machinery trading platform, PLASTICSCOPE pioneered the loop of “Reclaiming-Refurbishing-Returning to market”, aiming to promote the secondary circulation of used EPS/EPP equipment and the rational re-use of production resources, providing a professional information exchanging and trading platform for pre-owned equipments. PLASTICSCOPE by promoting the rational circulation of EPS/EPP industry resources, achieves the sustainable development of EPS/EPP industry worldwide.

PLASTICSCOPE is an E-commerce platform for global EPS/EPP producers exchanging information and communicating, to achieve a global win-win situation.